If your website is not Mobile friendly you should re-design Now!

Google will start new search algorithm tomorrow 04/21/2015, any website is not mobile friendly will drop down in search ranking.

Google will take into consideration how is the website well optimized for Mobile, thats mean business without good mobile design will suffer.

The new google changes is help user to find the search results formatted for their devices.

The Responsive Design:

Responsive design been around for a while now, Responsive is when your website will scale according to the user device or screen size in a way that providing the best experience possible to a large range of screen sizes. So many open sources are now supporting responsive design by default, and there are a lot of third party tools and frameworks out there as well to integrate with your website and make it responsive like (Bootstrap my favorite front-end framework).

Google estimate that 50% of searches are conduct on Mobile, so if you have online business or website there is 50% chance that users will search for it on their mobile devices and chances are if your website not mobile friendly the user will not find you!.

I can help you re-design your website and make it Google and Mobile friendly, don’t you hate to lose your search engine ranking that you build for years?




Show Posts from Custom Taxonomies Using WordPress Shortcode

WordPress made it easy to create a shortcode and use it inside any post/pages anywhere you want on your website, sometime you need to create custom taxonomy for your site and need to retrieve all posts assigned to it.

To create a shortcode

ob_get_clean — Get current buffer contents and delete current output buffer

from looking at the code above we see that we need to create a page called loop-categorymedia.php


I create this shortcode originally for pulling the posts from this plugin Enhanced Media Library , this plugin use to organize the Media library for WordPress, gives you abilities to add Categories and Organize them.

Inside loop-categorymedia.php file

first we get the shortcode and extract it to get the value id for the category we want:

Now we have $termId which equal to our Category Id inside the Media.

Wedding Website Design and Development

I design wedding websites, and I have great idea how to make it looks cool, I can develop website for Wedding arrangement, for Brides and Groom to share there photos private/publicly and have their gift registry, add/update their wedding events.

shoot me a message and I will be back to you soon with the idea and design – you want to make your wedding online fun too – here is your chance.